Students Should Get More Acclimated with State Testing Results-A Student’s Perspective

(A cross post from our student voice partners at Energy Convertors By Jayden Cummings)

In December, the latest dashboard for California testing came out. Part of our work at Energy Convertors is teaching students (1) that this information is available, and (2) understanding for themselves what any of this means.

We took a look at the dashboard and found our school. I was shocked to see the results. Our school was operating at roughly 75% below standard in both English and Math. Actually, I looked at a lot of schools in and around Oakland and was shocked. Up until this point, I had never been talked to about our performance as a school in any capacity. Now I want to know our graduation rates and college acceptance rates.

Jayden, 11th Grade, Education Advocate

I know we are smart students but I think responsibility for these results should be applied to teachers, students, the system, and the community.

First, we should all know these numbers and have discussions about it. I think certain teachers have a tough time reaching students. Not to blame them, but if no one is listening then you may need to change your approach.

I think as students, some of us don’t care. I mean, I care but I know for a fact some of us do not. Some students don’t care about doing homework and trying hard because they do not understand the long term impact. I also believe students don’t strive to do there best in High School because they don’t know what college life is even like. Solving this problem is easy. I love my principal, she is amazing! She listens to students and genuinely cares about us.

This isn’t about testing. This is about me wanting to know I’m doing my best and I am getting the best. This is from my perspective.

Jayden’s Solutions
– More College Tours
– Do a better job communicating the relationship to doing well in school with doing well in life
– Make afterschool tutoring mandatory for struggling students
– Engage students about experiences with teachers and ways they can improve their practice

What do you think?

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