E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many One; A Student’s Journey- Episode 2 of The Young and Woke Podcast

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On this episode, you will meet Julisa Liang, a senior at Oakland High School in the Law and Social Justice Academy. Her life is like that American motto found on much of our money –  “e pluribus unum” – out of many, one. She seems to be able to find common ground with whomever she meets, whether she’s riding AC transit, ringing up customers at Target, buying tacos in the Fruitvale, or discussing controversial topics in school. This notion that we as human beings can be different, and still unified, feels so important in this moment. 

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Young Whan Choi has been a public school teacher in New York City, Providence, RI, and Oakland, CA, during which time, he has developed expertise in project-based learning, curriculum design, and school-based internships. He developed a national online Ethnic Studies curriculum, directed the Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age initiative, and has a Master’s in social studies teaching and a Master’s in instructional leadership. His writing has appeared in various publications including the Washington Post’s AnswerSheet, East Bay Times, EdSource, and UCLA’s Xchange journal. Currently, he is Manager of Performance Assessments for Oakland Unified School District where he supports schools to provide high quality instruction through a performance system aligned to a rigorous and meaningful capstone project. He is also host of The Young and the Woke podcast.

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