JOIN US IN PERSON TONIGHT at 6PM: The Unspoken Pandemic: Oakland’s Education Crisis

As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic, the impact on our students has been severe, not least of which is the exacerbation of racial inequities in academic outcomes and college eligibility. That being said, progress is necessary and possible, and it begins with knowing the state of Black education.

Join us TONIGHT at 6:00 PM at ASCEND (3709 East 12th Street in Oakland), where our partners at Families in Action for Quality Education (FIA) are holding one of their seminal events this year. They are releasing their Quality Report on “The Unspoken Pandemic: Oakland’s Education Crisis” which has gathered years of growth, proficiency, and access data to show us all the opportunity gaps in reading and math facing our students, graduation rates , A-G rates, and showing how redlining and inequity continues to persist in the Town. There is surely some sobering data, but FIA will also showcase Oakland schools that are getting it done, and how we all can play a role to changing the outcomes for all of our students.

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