New Podcast: S.O.B.E. RANTS S4-E4

Our guest for today’s episode is Coron Brinson, who is in his 11th year educating youth in district, charter and catholic schools in Oakland and Chicago. Coron was the 2021 State of Black Education Impact Awardee and a proud member of the Advisory Board of the Black Teacher Project. In 2022, Coron traveled to South Africa as a Fulbright scholar to develop educational materials for California high school students. Coron has worked with homeless and LGBTQ youth and as a parent organizer, and he understands from multiple different perspectives the impact a quality education can have on someone’s life.

I think we both understand that for our children to see improved results , sometimes uncomfortable conversations need to take place. As a melanated family, we hold each other accountable and  also show gratitude for those demonstrating positive actions or making progress for our melanated scholars.

The podcast serves as a safe space to have these accountability conversations, while bridging the gap of understanding and providing clear action steps in our fight to elevate the educational experience for our blessed and melanated scholars.  

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