Do Black Minds Matter?

Disturbing but not unexpected results came out from the recent Black Minds Matter report published by Ed Trust West.  Some lowlights; Black students in California are LEAST LIKELY TO: Become proficient readers by third grade; Be placed in Gifted and Talented Education programs; Master the mid-level mathematics skills that position students for success in college … Continue reading Do Black Minds Matter?

Why Are Cops in Schools?

While we express outrage around the girl slammed from her desk in South Carolina, an even worse situation happened right here in Oakland. In case you missed it a handcuffed, disabled young man was dumped from his wheelchair and pummeled by a “school security officer”.  You can watch the video here. Thankfully it was on … Continue reading Why Are Cops in Schools?

Zero Tolerance for Children’s Lives

What do you do when a student has a knife at school? It’s the gym period and the supplies are in a locked box, they key is nowhere to be found, kids are restless and anxious. Johnny, in an effort to help, steps forward, pulls out a switchblade and pops the lock.  Technically that’s a … Continue reading Zero Tolerance for Children’s Lives