Access Denied Ep. 6: Rural America Has a Serious Internet Access Problem (ft. Garris Stroud and Christina Trosper)

Internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and should be a right. This is not a Blue or Red or rural or urban issue, its a universal problem that should bring us together to create a level playing field, incredible interview with some good troublemakers from Kentucky, please watch, share and get involved

Join Us For Access Denied, Episode 6

Friday 8/14 at 9 AM Pacific, we will be talking with Garris Stroud and Christina Trosker two educators and activists who have been fighting in Kentucky for the thing we all want, Internet for All.  We will be discussing the real fixes and practical solutions for creating a more equitable and durable internet on ramp…

Charter Schools with Open Seats as of August 10th, You Can Still Apply

There are still many great school choices in both the district and charters, if you are still looking, please apply and find the right spot for your child. Go to Oakland Enrolls to submit your application. I did not get the district list this week but will publish when/if I do.

The Oakland Education Week in Review: 8/3-8/9

Its gonna be a rocky year, but some amazing work from the folks at Bridges supporting our vulnerable families, a dust up as “rally’ at the Supes house is planned and cancelled amidst an uproar, EOYDC is filling voids, and the REACH’s Hub shows some amazing results, plus its time to register to vote and…

Access Denied Ep. 5: How We Make #InternetForAll a Real Thing (ft. Chris Lewis of Public Knowledge)

As a country, we were able to bring phone lines, electricity, and running water to households across America no matter how rural, far apart, or congested homes may be. We did it once, and we must do it again for internet connectivity.  In our modern times, the internet is necessary for basic living. We rely…