“Starting with the Community” How Oakland is Closing the Digital Divide, and How We Build Back Better

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We have moved from 12% of low income students connected to 97%.  This is great porgress but the battle is not won.  Oakland has a massive investment coming for broadband infrastructure, enough to connect every family to fiber.  Whether this actually happens and we actually invest in our most underserved communities, is still an open question, and it needs all of us to fight to make this happen.

Please listen to understand how you can get the resources you or your community needs and how we can work together to make sure that every family in Oakland that needs it gets connected.

We had David Silver, the mayor’s director of education, Lili Gangas, the Chief technology and Community officer from the Kapor center, Yakpasua Zazaboi founder of Sidewayz Café, which does tech support and training in East Oakland, and Michael DeSousa, chief program officer for The Oakland REACH talking the past and future of digital inclusion in Oakland.  Please join us and share, we need everyone to make this happen.

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