#ACCESSLIT’S NEXT EPISODE Unlocking Accessibility with #OAKLANDUNDIVIDED is this Friday, May 20 at 12PM PST

Join us again as we start our regularly scheduled live broadcast THIS Friday, May 20th as Kennan invites David Silver and Patrick Messac of the Mayor’s Office and #OaklandUndivided as they unpack new developments in providing access to even more Oakland residents. #OaklandUndivided, a citywide effort to ensure every Oakland public school student has the tools necessary to support digital access in their home has delivered 29,000 computers and 10,000 hotspots, increasing home tech connectivity for students from low-income backgrounds from 12% to 98% pre-pandemic to now.

A Word from Your Host: the Access Lit Broadcast is live tomorrow at noon PST!

Join us tomorrow at noon PST for Kennan’s first LIVE broadcast on the last mile for digital equity!

SAVE THE DATE: We Return Live for Access Lit: Last Mile for Digital Equity on Friday, May 13th, at Noon!

I hope everyone is ready to head into a wonderful weekend and finds time to relax and rejuvenate. A group of folx who were touched by Dirk’s work and his impact on Oakland convened last Sunday afternoon to celebrate Dirk at his favorite neighborhood “watering hole,” Degrees Plato, located in the Laurel District. Jumoke Hinton-Hodge,…

“Starting with the Community” How Oakland is Closing the Digital Divide, and How We Build Back Better

Please check out our latest podcast https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=1475654196124338&ref=watch_permalink We have moved from 12% of low income students connected to 97%.  This is great porgress but the battle is not won.  Oakland has a massive investment coming for broadband infrastructure, enough to connect every family to fiber.  Whether this actually happens and we actually invest in our…

From 12% to 97%, How Oakland Is Bridging the Digital Divide and How We Close it Forever

From 12% to 97%, How Oakland is Bridging the Digital Divide and How We Close it Forever Join us Tuesday 9/21 at 1 Pacific for Getting Oakland to 100, Episode 3 of Desegregate the Internet Oakland is hailed as a national model for closing the digital divide.  And the numbers are impressive.  Oakland Undivided states…