The Charter Illuminaughty, And The Oakland CONspiracy

I love conspiracies.  I love being part of them.  And I love to try to get to the bottom of them.  So when I read about the billionaire power play to take over OUSD I had two thoughts.

First, are the 1% that inbred that they think they can actually herd the charter cats to do anything, and second, if true, I want in, this should be pure comedy.

So here’s the story,

Capital & Main has learned that a similar private initiative(to the Broad Plan in LA to double the number of charters)  has been on the table for the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) for at least a decade. Virtually unknown to Oakland’s parents, and without the benefit of public exposure or open debate by its school board, the Oakland charter expansion scheme has been quietly driving policy under the political radar for a number of years. (The OUSD school board did not respond to Capital & Main’s request to comment for this article.)…

The major Oakland charter advocacy groups that responded to requests for comment about the 50 percent charter-school goal issued carefully worded denials or demurrals. Jason Mandell, a spokesperson for the California Charter School Association lobby group, admitted to “a goal for growth, but not a specific target in each district.” Rhonnel Sotelo, who has been executive director at the Rogers Family Foundation for nearly two years, said he’s never heard of a 50 percent goal for Oakland. And Debbie Veney, a spokesperson for the Silicon Valley-backed NewSchools Venture Fund, said she “can’t confirm that such a plan exists.” The city’s pro-charter coalition, Great Oakland (GO) Public Schools, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Well I did some digging too.

I sent Illuminaughty carrier rats (yeah we use rats rather than pigeons) to each of the 5 houses seeking to unite the throne under House of Facebook.

Not a squeak, the silence confirmed my worst fears, obviously if nobody is confirming the plot, it exists, and I missed it.

Oh well.

Back to the palace of doom, can someone tweet me Mr. Burns’ Lex Luthor’s or Wilson Fisk’s info, I need to get in on this one.

It sounds….excellent.

What do you think?

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