Taking Action in Black History Month-Support Albert

The more I meet our young people, the more I am impressed.  Despite challenges, we grow champions, but even champions may need a lift from the village.  And I hope you will support this young man’s GoFundMe page and send him on the trip of a lifetime.

Meet Albert, an 11th grade honor student, who happens to play football, at McClymonds High School located in Oakland,California (if you aren’t local), with dreams.  One dream was accomplished when Mack won the State football championship, but another deeper dream is around better understanding his identity, learning internationally, and challenging some of the stereotypes we grow up with.  These are critical experiences, rites of passage that some can afford, but many cannot.  I could get into the strife and drama of growing up in Oakland, but we shouldn’t need that, we should help this young man because we can.

In Albert’s own words,

As a child, I would always see commercials about African babies needing food, water, and shelter which gave me the idea that Africa is filled with poor, suffering and unstable families. Now that I am older, I have been told that the commercials I used to watch do not symbolize the whole African continent. I am determined to go to Africa to experience living in Africa myself instead of feeding into rumors. I would like to interact with everyone, children of my complexion and age group so that I can compare my lifestyles to theirs. This trip is very important to me because it may be the first big step to my growth as a young black man.

So in a time rife with complaints, and people searching for meaningful action, here is one you can take, if we all give just little we will have a lot.  And the value and of a journey like this for the young man is priceless.

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