One Year Later on Oakland Youth Leadership- Our Kids and the National Anthem

Tonight marks one year since the Oakland Unified Honor Band, beat 99% of the nation’s adults to the punch in kneeling for the national anthem.  Last year, they discussed their feelings, debated internally, talked with adults, and many chose to kneel, while some did not, as they played the anthem during an A’s game.

When I see our young people and talk to them, despite all the drama, I have immense hope for us here. Take a look at the clip.

Agree or disagree we need young people who will stand up (or kneel) for their beliefs, not in a statement against America, but in one for its continuing growth.

It’s great to see that the adults are finally catching up to these young people, and I am going to be watching tonight’s game.  Not so much for the adult but for the youth, and the clear moral vision they sometimes bring as our attention is focused on circuses.

What do you think?

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