I Got My School Offer(s) for Next year—Now What?– The Upcoming March 29th Deadline

Congratulations to all those families who applied early for charter or district public schools during the open enrollment period, you should have received your offer by last week, but applying isn’t enough.  Families will need to accept or decline OUSD or charter school offers by March 29th to assure their spot.  And by responding quickly and also declining offers they don’t need, they can help the system work better for all families.

But first let’s be sure families have accepted their offers—

You can see those processes for district schools here


Step 1:  Login to SchoolMint  https://ousdapply.schoolmint.net/signin

Your Log In is: $login_url.


Step 2: Click Accept or Decline Offer

Please Note:  In order to be ensured a placement for next year you MUST accept the offer, even if you wish to remain on any waitlists.   We can not guarantee that a seat will become available at any of your waitlist schools.  You will receive a confirmation email or text message once you accept/decline. If you do not receive this confirmation message, please see the contact information below.


Step 3:  Click here For More Information About Waitlists  


By Phone:

Step 1: Accept or Decline by phone

Call your assigned school site to Accept or Reject your offer. Click Here for School Phone Directory. Once you accept or decline, you will receive a confirmation email or text message. If you for any reason you do not receive a confirmation message, please see the contact information below.

Step 2:  Click here For More Information About Waitlists  


And for the charters here, from the enroll Oakland page

  1. Applications received by the February 16, 2018 deadline will be included in charter school lotteries, which will be done the week of March 5-9, 2018. Admission is not guaranteed; a public random lottery is held if a school has more applicants than space available. The “lottery” is the process by which – per state law – schools randomly assign students into available spaces.
  2. On Monday, March 12, 2018,you should see all your charter school lottery results – Offer or Waitlist – in your SchoolMint student dashboard and at that time you can Accept or Decline an offer.
  3. The deadline to Accept or Decline a charter school offer is March 29, 2018.If you do not accept by this date, the charter school lottery offer(s) will expire. Once you accept an offer, offers from other charter schools will be automatically declined. You can remain on waitlists but may only accept an offer at one charter school. If you applied to both OUSD and charter schools, given that there are two enrollment systems, accepting a charter school offer will not decline your OUSD offer. However, we encourage families to accept just one offer to free up seats for other interested families – contact OUSD separately to accept or decline your OUSD offer.
  4. After that, the next step is registration directly with the school.


It’s critical that families accept a placement since they are not guaranteed that they will move up on the waitllists of top choice schools.  And as a consideration to other parents, families should decline offers they know they won’t take and also remove themselves from waitlists if they wont enroll there.  This will help all families have a better sense of where they really sit on waitlists and allow them to make the most informed decision for their child.

And if you missed applying in round 1 it is still not too late to look for schools, and you can see some additional guidance here.

The nature of parental involvement and how you can really help your child has changed, it’s no longer about bake sales and being in school, it is really about finding the right school.  This is the most important decision you can make for your child’s education and you should let us know if there are ways we can help.

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