If You Only Applied to Schools on this List You Should Have a Backup Plan

Families need to make the school choices by February 8th to be first in line, and they still may not get in.   Many schools get more applications than they have seats, and even students in the neighborhood will need options.  That is the reality, so you need to check your odds, and if all the schools you are looking at are typically oversubscribed, make sure you apply to more schools.

You can look at the demand rates for all the district schools here—which is the number of families who put the school as a first choice versus how many seats schools have.  So a 100% demand rate means there is a seat for every family that put the school first, a 400% demand rate means there are 4 applicants for every open spot.   I will look to post similar data for charters.

However here are the list of OUSD schools, that even families in the neighborhood may not get into.  Each of these schools had a demand rate of 99% or higher last year.  Don’t be one of those families scrambling after the deadline.  Please make an informed choice for your child and part of that is knowing the chances of your choice works out.

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