The Oakland Education Week in Review: 2/4-2/11

All the Oakland education news fit to link- lots of strike coverage, and the background, looking at Oakland schools making a difference with Black and Brown kids, parents stand up for the “opportunity ticket” more on school closures, all that and much more please read, share, and get involved




Other Stories:

  • Five things we’ve learned from a decade of research on school closures
    • At this point, we have some answers. A new study focusing on the effects of 20 school closures in Philadelphia is just the latest in a substantial body of research on what happens when a school is shuttered.
  • Ally to Accomplice Series: What happens to Black children after the strike?
    • On the surface, there is clearly a need for a more humanizing system for Denver teachers, who have neither a dependable or fair compensation system. There is also a need to challenge the reform agenda that threatens to undermine the public good. But I see another dimension to this issue, of a damaged relationship between a majority white teaching force and the communities of color in Denver whose children have not yet been provided the educational opportunities they deserve. For me, it is a situation of broken covenant, broken trust and the need for repair.

How You Can Help/Resources:

  • Black Lives Matter at School: Teaching Materials
    • The national Black Lives Matter At School coalition’s brilliant Curriculum Committee worked this year to bring you lessons for every grade level the relate to the 13 principles of Black Lives Matter. Here is the 2019 Curriculum Resource Guide–free, downloadable lessons to challenge racism, oppression and build happy and healthy classrooms. Enjoy!
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