One Grandmother’s Struggle with Reading, and the Push for Literacy for All

Connie Williams shares her story of graduation from an Oakland high school unable to read or write.

“You shouldn’t have to live like that.” She has been pushing for better for her family.

“I’ve been singing the same song for so long, from my kids to my grandkids.” And she finally feels like she is being heard, when she connected with The Oakland REACH and their Literacy for All campaign.

If you haven’t heard Connie share her powerful story and her push for change, this KQED piece is a MUST LISTEN.

Connie’s story highlights that Oakland’s reading crisis has been going on for generations. Literacy for All is about saying enough is enough. We live in City where less than half of all students read on grade level, and only 18% of Black and 24% of Latinx students do.

We need to end this travesty, and the effects that is has on the lives of our children and families.

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