What the F is Happening at Frick? And Why Aren’t We Doing Anything–The Real Conspiracy

I know you all love conspiracies.  I got one.  It goes back hundreds of years and involves the most powerful interests in the country.  And whether they know it or not, most people are actively or tacitly involved.  And you can see the strange fruits of it everywhere.  Don’t believe me?  Look down the street at Frick Impact Academy.

This was a series of tweets I was included on.   

Think about this, no heat, no subject matter teachers in multiple classes—so those kids will not be getting grade level content and basically will lose a year, and have probably already lost years.

So I am down for Frick, let me know how I can help, those are our babies, and we are throwing them to wolves. 

So, to y’all on the conspiracy tip, you got one here.  No doubt, but keep fighting to recall a board member who aint even running, shutting down board meeting over philanathrocapitalistic plots and other 5 dollar words that our kids cant read cuz we didn’t teach them.

That’s the system—18% of Black kids in OUSD read on grade level 72% of White kids do—and that gap has widened over the last 5 years—yeah that’s the billionaire plot—nothing that has to do with us or the system that can allow some schools (Frick) to not have the minimum of what a school should. 

Those kids are set up for failure—that WOULD NOT happen in the Hills.

But a fish doesn’t see the water it swims in, and it’s a lot easier to fight imagined enemies external to us, than those that live and breathe with and within us.

For the Frick folks, I am down, let me know how I can help.  To y’all out there making a fuss and not a difference, you are part of the problem, don’t imagine yourself part of the solution.  But that can change and we can come together around something that does matter- Frick and the babies there.

Here are the overall numbers from EdSource for OUSD– so yeah its not just Frick

What do you think?

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