The Gaping Hole in Comcast’s Free Internet, Sign Our Petition to Close It

When COVID forced schools to online learning, we were worried about how students would get online.  We could provide laptops, folks like Oakland Technology Exchange have stepped up.   Home internet was another issue.  So it was great to see Comcast promise free internet to all Oakland families for two  months.  

Like so many promises, this one came with some strings, and not everyone could actually get internet.  Which is why we created this petition.

As many families tried to access internet for their child, they found they were ineligible.  You can see the issue below from the Comcast’s Internet Essentials website.

Families with old debts aren’t eligible. 

Internet is essential for children during this crisis.  And those children whose families owe, likely have some of the greatest needs.  The yawning opportunity gaps and digital divides will grow exponentially unless someone intervenes.

So if Comcast is actually trying to help underserved families during this crisis and not just sign up a host of new clients who will get automatically billed after the free trial period ends, it needs to change its policies.  Supposed charity should not be a veil for vulturistic captialsm. 

If they really want to support underserved families they will give free internet to every low income family during this crisis.  These children need and deserve this, and should not be punished for some years old overdue bill of their parent.

Please sign our petition demanding that Comcast provide free internet to children whose parents may have overdue bills during the COVID 19 crisis.

What do you think?

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