Join Us For Access Denied, Episode 6

Friday 8/14 at 9 AM Pacific, we will be talking with Garris Stroud and Christina Trosker two educators and activists who have been fighting in Kentucky for the thing we all want, Internet for All.  We will be discussing the real fixes and practical solutions for creating a more equitable and durable internet on ramp for every family that needs it.

School is starting, kind of, well for the 15 million unconnected students it probably isn’t.  And imagine that a customer service rep at Comcast is the one holding the keys to the school.  Have you ever called a cable company?  It starts with a lie the minute the robot answers, “your call is important to us.”

We had a complaint of a parent who spent 13 hours on the phone trying to get connected, and they still couldn’t.  There has got to be a better way, that doesn’t offload the responsibility of access onto kids and families struggling with so many other issues, but where districts, cities, and the providers themselves are accountable.  Fortunately there is.

Join us a 9 Pacific for the live show

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