“We will not excuse those who choose to participate in such heinous activity”; When they Threaten Our Superintendent, The Oakland NAACP Stands Up

So, the largely White union is going to march on the Black Superintendent’s house.  Not sure if they will have tiki torches or avocado toast.  But the intent is the same, to intimidate.  And the optics, ugh. 

You would think in this WOKE time, these folks would have better sense.  Seriously…No seriously.   

Everyone has a BLM signs in their window, and is talking talking talking racial justice.  But they ain’t livin it.

If you know Oakland, there are still old wounds, that are easily opened around Dr. Marcus Foster.  And ever present wounds from a public school system that systematically fails to educate Black kids (charter and district with some notable exceptions), tends to crush them, and has done so for generations.

But the NAACP was not having it.  You can see the letter below.  But here are a couple of key lines in response to a planned “rally” at the Superintendent’s home.

From the Letter

“The NAACP would like to make it clear that it stands in condemnation and strong opposition to this proposed Rally…

The NAACP is mystified as the why the OEA (and others) have chosen to endorse this reckless and misguided Rally….

Given OEA’s admission that the Superintendent, in good faith, made herself available at the bargaining table on Friday July 31st, 2020 it is appalling that OEA would endorse a Rally to occur the following Monday at the Superintendent’s home where her children reside.  This is particularly troubling given the history of OUSD and the tragic death of former Superintendent Marcus Foster.  It is shameful and irresponsible to encourage any demonstration at the personal home of OUSD public officials at time when protesters are often infiltrated with those bent on inciting chaos and/or violence…

we will not excuse those who choose to participate in such a heinous activity.  We are deeply concerned that this Rally would not even be considered an option if the Superintendent was of a different gender or racial classification.”

I really do love these folks as I have written before.  They are fighting for Black children, families and staff, beyond the BS and politics.  I really wish we had more of that and less of our “woke” “allies” threatening to terrify an (uppity) Black family.

What do you think?

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