Beyond ‘Nice White Parents’ A Conversation on Privilege, Power and School Equity

Video from the show can be found here

The Serial podcast “Nice White Parents,” laid bare many of the challenges that privileged White families can pose for equitable schools systems and how their pursuit of the best for them can undermine opportunities for others.  It was a somewhat pessimistic story, even according to the host, until she met civil right attorney and equity advocate, Miriam Nunberg.

On Wednesday 10/21 we will be talking with Miriam, folks from Equity Allies for OUSD, Integrated Schools Bay Area, the State of Black Education in Oakland, and a youth leader from Teens Take Charge, and folks from the Sankofa United community, and we welcome you to join us.

We will cover the lessons from NYC, how youth are leading equity work, and pivot to Oakland. Where we will dig in on some of the equity in enrollment initiatives here and how we can build a better system.

This will be an important discussion that we hope can start some much deeper conversations and get us implementing some deeper solutions.

Please join us

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