OUSD Early Literacy Newsletter January 2021

Join Us: Literacy Summit & Family Workshop on Feb. 18Greenleaf students celebrating books, pre-COVID.Our second Literacy Summit and Family Workshop is coming up soon on Thursday, Feb. 18, from 4:30 – 6:00p.m. Join us to learn about:
The state of literacy in OUSDOur literacy progress based on middle of the year assessmentStrategies to support reading at home with your PK-5 grade studentWhat your student should know by the end of the year

All elementary school families, educators and literacy partners 
are encouraged to attend!

https://tinyurl.com/feb18literacysummitAt Home Spotlight: Using Academic MilestonesTogether with parents and community partners, OUSD has created Academic Milestones to help families and educators work together to support student progress in literacy and math. Families can compare their child’s progress in grades PK-5 with grade level milestones, as well as find resources and ideas for suporting their child with at-home activities.All PK-5 Academic Milestones are available in multiple languages at Family Central.Educator SpotlightMs. LeslieGreenleaf students are lucky to have the amazing support of Leslie “Ms. Leslie” Arcement, an Early Literacy Tutor and also a parent to two former Greenleaf scholars. For the past four years, Ms. Leslie has provided small group instruction in English Foundational Skills to students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. In addition to academic support, Ms. Leslie connects with her students emotionally through her warm demeanor and loving nature. Students always enjoy their reading intervention time with Ms. Leslie because she is patient, thoughtful, supportive, and motivating. Thank you Ms. Leslie!Ms. Leslie supporting 2nd graders with Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words (SIPPS) instruction.Ms. GomezVeronica Gomez seems to have a super power at RISE Community School because she can find a way to connect with anyone in the school community.Students love her because she is kind, compassionate, stable, and firm. She sets high expectations for students and they know it and work hard to succeed. Families appreciate the way she builds relationships and her commitment to supporting their kids. In fact, for many families, she is the primary point of contact with the school. Lastly, her colleagues at RISE are grateful for her dedication to planning, implementing, and monitoring student growth.  She has become a mentor to the other academic mentors on campus.Having started as a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) SEED tutor at New Highland Academy seven years ago, she was an instant fit for the community and quickly took on the additional role of Noon Duty Supervisor. Then, four years ago, she came to RISE as the K-2 Early Literacy Tutor. Regardless of her role, Ms. Gomez is a natural at working with students, staff, and family members. She puts her whole heart into the work and the community is better because of her. Thank you Ms. Gomez!
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