South Star Classroom Episode #110: Hip-Hop 50 & its impact on education for Black & Brown students

What impact has Hip-Hop had on Black and Brown students’ academic achievement and motivation over the past 50 years? How can Hip-Hop be used to engage and connect with students who may feel disconnected or disengaged from traditional educational approaches? Tune in for a lively discussion around these topics and more with the latest episode of the South Star Classroom podcast.

A letter to Bitwise Industries leadership before the collapse

At the end of May this year, on Memorial Day, Bitwise Industries, a tech startup that “promised to uplift marginalized communities and change the narratives of underestimated places” furloughed its workers and soon shut down. Among those who lost their jobs were Kennan Scott, the former OUSD Director of Computer Science, a longtime educator and winner of one of the first State of Black Education Oakland (SoBEO) Impact Awards. Kennan’s wife, Karen, also worked for Bitwise Industries Oakland. In this guest piece, Kennan shares a message he sent to the Bitwise team shortly before the layoffs:

Get PAID as a math tutor in Oakland with REACH Math Liberator Fellowship

Too many Oakland students are struggling with math! We know that early success in math leads to later success in life. But only 1 out of 10 Black and Brown students are prepared to do math at grade level. We know our kids can excel in math and they don’t have time to wait. The…

Oakland charter school enrollment trends

With the 2023-24 school year starting this month, Great School Voices connected with Lisa Gibes de Gac, Executive Director of Oakland Enrolls to ask about trends in applications to Oakland charter schools. (photo courtesy of Oakland Enrolls) At this point in the year, we’re seeing a 12% increase in families applying compared to this time last…