Chronic Absenteeism: A Silent Crisis in Oakland’s Education System

Chronic absenteeism is a silent crisis plaguing Oakland schools, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it worse. Despite many students believing they have satisfactory attendance, the harsh reality is that far too many are missing critical instructional time. This disconnect has severe consequences for student learning, engagement, and long-term success.

Addressing the Disconnect: Grades vs. Proficiency in Oakland Schools

Attaining a high grade in a class doesn’t necessarily mean a student is proficient. Energy Convertors student researchers unpack this issue in their 2024 report, which was recently released.

Energy Convertors 2024 Oakland Report: Demanding Proficiency Over Pageantry

Welcome to the 2023-24 Energy Convertors Report on Oakland public schools. We’re excited to share with you the findings from this year’s report. Our student researchers examined learning in the classroom and how students are impacted through two key areas of focus: 1. Learning and Proficiency; 2. Classroom Management and School Culture.  Check out our key findings here and download the report.

See Y’all on May 29th: Agentic & EmpowerED 2024

The purpose of Agentic & EmpowerED Oakland 2024 is to raise awareness about the educational disparities affecting Black and Brown scholars in Oakland, equip parents and students with the knowledge and tools needed to take immediate action, and inspire collective efforts to foster meaningful change within our education system. We then ultimately empower families to…

The Oakland Ed Week in Review 5/11/24-5/17/24 

It’s time for the Oakland Ed Week in Review!   We’re back with our roundup of education news from around The Town, the Bay Area, state, and nation for your weekend reading. This is a Dirk favorite and one of the last blogs he published for Great School Voices.   Here’s what’s been going on:  Here in…