The Oakland Ed Week in Review 11/18/23-12/1/23

Here’s what’s going on this week: OUSD’s student homeless population jumped 70%(!) since the start of the pandemic; the war in the middle east continues to be a wedge issue on California college campuses; and a new report finds that charter schools deliver more bang for the buck than district schools (check out the article to read exactly what that means).

The Oakland Ed Week in Review 11/11/23-11/17/23

We have a rich edition for you this week, with lots of news from around The Town, the state and the nation: a scary kidnapping scam and protestors shut down the school board meeting in Oakland; students, educators and officials grapple with the Israel-Palestine conflict on campuses across the state (and country); Biden’s new student loan forgiveness plan survives a Republican challenge. Plus a lot, lot more.

The Oakland Ed Week in Review 11/4/23-11/10/23

From the newswires this week: Jorge Lerma has a sizable lead in the District 5 school board election after more results came in Thursday; OEA passes a resolution demanding freedom for Palestine; California students lost half-a-million instructional days to suspension, with marginalized students the most impacted; and conservative activists were on the losing side of a number of elections nationwide this week.