The Oakland Ed Weeks in Review 12/9/23-12/25/23

With it being the holiday season, we are going to focus this entire post on the good that is happening in Oakland, the State and the nation. 

Here’s what’s been going on:  Berkeley High students take a stand; more praise for the Oakland REACH’s Literacy Liberators Fellowship with recommendations on how to support impactful tutoring programs.  AI takes center stage everywhere, while we see more efforts statewide to increase funding for schools in for STEAM and mental health services in CA.  Simplifying forms can more than double the financial aid access for undocumented students, while Lincoln Elementary is showcased by Ashley McBride on how its served immigrant populations for decades.  We see some gains in admissions and student proficiency according to one internationally-administered exam, and if you have savvy kids, be prepared for some holiday gift pitches coming to a boardroom, i.e., kitchen table or living room near you.