What makes it a “distinguished school”? Touring AIMS College Prep Elementary School

To better understand why AIMS is one of the top performing schools in Oakland, we went behind the scenes for a school tour. We visited classrooms and spoke with students, educators, and administrators to better understand what’s going on.

The Oakland Ed Week in Review 5/27/23-6/2/23

Happy Summer, Oakland! We’re still bringing you the Oakland Ed Week in Review, our weekly roundup of education news articles from Oakland and around the state and nation to help you stay up-to-date with what’s going on. This is a Dirk favorite and one of the last blogs he published for Great School Voices. This…

The Oakland Ed Week in Review: 5/20/23-5/26/23

This week, check out an opinion piece on how a assembly bill will harm California charter schools serving high-needs families; some reflection on and fallout from the OEA strike; and the US Surgeon General says social media puts young people’s mental health at risk.

Open charter seats: week of 5/23

There are great schools for your child for the 2023-24 school year. Schools like BayTech, AIMS Elementary School (a California Distinguished School) and Francophone Charter School among others have open seats for new students. Those are just a few of the schools, so do your homework and make the best choice you can.

The Oakland Ed Week in Review: 5/13/23-5/19/23

This week, there’s a look at the deal OEA teachers signed with OUSD after the strike; an alarming investigative piece on how much lead is in the drinking water in California childcare centers; and a list of Presidential Scholars from around the Bay and the country.