South Star Classroom Podcast Episode 119: Is overtime pay for teachers overdue or overrated?

Is overtime pay for teachers long overdue, considering the countless hours they dedicate outside of the standard 40-hour workweek? Or, is the concept of overtime pay for teachers overrated, considering the intrinsic rewards and passion that often drive their commitment to going above and beyond? Listen in as the group discusses the potential benefits and…

South Star Classroom Podcast Episode 116: The High School Credit System: Its Origins, use in today’s high schools and college admissions and the question of its continued relevance 

On today’s episode, the group talks about the Carnegie Unit System: what it is and how it became the basis for high school credit and graduation in every American high school. Is the current credit system still relevant and the best method for assessing a student learning and preparedness for work and post secondary success? What are some alternatives to the credit system both hypothetical and that currently exist?