Addressing the Disconnect: Grades vs. Proficiency in Oakland Schools

Attaining a high grade in a class doesn’t necessarily mean a student is proficient. Energy Convertors student researchers unpack this issue in their 2024 report, which was recently released.

Navigating the American School System as an Immigrant Student

I did not grow up speaking English. When I was born, my parents could not afford to raise me so I was sent to live in China, where I learned to speak Mandarin. As a result, when I came back to attend school in America, I did not speak any English. I struggled in elementary school. Most of my peers spoke English. During those early years, I was almost always extremely confused about what was happening and struggled to catch up to what was being taught in class.

Unleashing the Potential of Every Student Through Personalized Learning

I have an immense love for education, but I firmly believe that the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach needs to change. This approach can cause disengagement, which I have experienced, and sluggish academic development since the traditional way of receiving an education disregards the unique talents, interests, and learning styles of each student.

Youth Activism Through Art

FIA + OSA Voting Poster Contest Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) visual arts students and educators partnered with FIA on a voting poster contest. There are many ways to show leadership and make an impact in the 2020 election, even if you’re not eligible to vote! These talented young activists are making their voices…

Who Is Silenced When Privilege Tantrums? Student Board Members, the Unsung Heroes of OUSD.

A guest post from OUSD Director Jumoke Hinton-Hodge. We don’t often hear about the unsung sheroes and heroes of our boards of education, the student board members! They represent the authentic voices of everyday students. They sit side-by-side with elected board members, attend meetings twice a month, special meetings and facilitate youth convenings upwards of…