Navigating the American School System as an Immigrant Student

I did not grow up speaking English. When I was born, my parents could not afford to raise me so I was sent to live in China, where I learned to speak Mandarin. As a result, when I came back to attend school in America, I did not speak any English. I struggled in elementary school. Most of my peers spoke English. During those early years, I was almost always extremely confused about what was happening and struggled to catch up to what was being taught in class.

Rudsdale Newcomer’s Second Class of Graduates Speak on What the Future Holds

This is a guest post from the powerful folks at the Oakland Unified School District’s English Language Learner and Multilingual Achievement Office (ELLMA), who are doing some amazing work. It originally appeared on their blog, where they spotlight Oakland teachers and students and the diverse strategies they’ve implemented to support English-language learners in achieving at…