See Y’all on May 29th: Agentic & EmpowerED 2024

The purpose of Agentic & EmpowerED Oakland 2024 is to raise awareness about the educational disparities affecting Black and Brown scholars in Oakland, equip parents and students with the knowledge and tools needed to take immediate action, and inspire collective efforts to foster meaningful change within our education system. We then ultimately empower families to…

Rethinking Education: Beyond Grades to Proficiency

I run an organization called Energy Convertors. In that org, we train student fellows and parents to utilize their sense of agency to get the education they deserve. Once we accomplish that, our student fellows define local education issues, conduct scientific research, and then write a report that builds the agency of their whole community…

A Legacy of Literacy: My Journey with The Go Farther Literacy Fund

As I reflect on the recent announcement by The Mind Trust about the $50,000 Go Farther Literacy Fund awards, my heart swells with an indescribable sense of pride. This initiative, now a beacon of hope and support for families in Indianapolis, echoes a journey that began with a deep, personal understanding of the challenges faced…

Navigating the American School System as an Immigrant Student

I did not grow up speaking English. When I was born, my parents could not afford to raise me so I was sent to live in China, where I learned to speak Mandarin. As a result, when I came back to attend school in America, I did not speak any English. I struggled in elementary school. Most of my peers spoke English. During those early years, I was almost always extremely confused about what was happening and struggled to catch up to what was being taught in class.

How do you choose the right major?

Students who have their major chosen can be more focused. While many students are unsure of their major or field of study after high school, this is not a topic that is often discussed in schools. For myself, I think that without the proper direction of a major chosen and a career to attain, I will feel nervous and perplexed about my future. I need a goal to aim for. I don’t want to be confused when I step into college. I want to devote myself to my major wholeheartedly. If I don’t have a goal to work toward I feel uneasy and confused. I do have some majors I’m considering right now, but I don’t know which one I should focus on and which one will be more fitting.