The State of the [Black Education] Union

Ladies, gentlemen, and fellow citizens, the state of the Black Education Union is not strong. The nameless and faceless “system” is still failing Black students. To be clear, they are failing nearly every major subgroup, but especially Black students, and add on poverty, or a disability, or any other subgroup, and the numbers get worse in regards to literacy and numeracy.

Rethinking Education: Beyond Grades to Proficiency

I run an organization called Energy Convertors. In that org, we train student fellows and parents to utilize their sense of agency to get the education they deserve. Once we accomplish that, our student fellows define local education issues, conduct scientific research, and then write a report that builds the agency of their whole community…

A Legacy of Literacy: My Journey with The Go Farther Literacy Fund

As I reflect on the recent announcement by The Mind Trust about the $50,000 Go Farther Literacy Fund awards, my heart swells with an indescribable sense of pride. This initiative, now a beacon of hope and support for families in Indianapolis, echoes a journey that began with a deep, personal understanding of the challenges faced…

We need Black Youth Development in Oakland now more than ever

I moved to Oakland when I was about 10 years old. It was a struggle. I lived in multiple homeless shelters and I did not have much hope for what I could be and do. Programs like those featured on the BYD website were a haven for me and tons of other Black kids who grew up in similar circumstances.