What makes it a “distinguished school”? Touring AIMS College Prep Elementary School

To better understand why AIMS is one of the top performing schools in Oakland, we went behind the scenes for a school tour. We visited classrooms and spoke with students, educators, and administrators to better understand what’s going on.

Who’s attending Oakland’s four Distinguished Schools?

So what does that data from the California School Dashboard say about our award-winning schools in Oakland? It tells us that Black, Latino and low-income students have less of a chance of attending a distinguished school in Oakland than White, more affluent students.

Why isn’t my kid learning about climate change in their high school classroom? What can we do so that more young people understand what’s going on with climate change?

In the U.S., climate change is not a standard part of the public school curriculum in many districts due to a lack of resources, lack of teacher background knowledge, and forces that push against this type of education. By: Iris Crawford, GSV Editor & former Research Assistant at MIT ESI Featuring guest expert Dr. Liz…

SOLD OUT: Join us for the 2022 Black Excellence Awards Tomorrow on YouTube

In a year of devastating loss within our community – our founder Dirk and our peerless advocate Rachel Willis Henry, among others – we are honoring their spirit and endless drive for our Black children with tomorrow’s 2022 Black Excellence Awards. It’s a time where we will hold space for their memory and legacy by…