How Aspire Lionel Wilson Prep is Raising the Bar

Great School Voices sat down with school leaders from award-winning schools to discuss what Raising the Bar means to their school community, why their school got involved in FIA, how they communicate with families, and more. This interview is with Tommy Gonzalez, Aspire Lionel Wilson Prep school principal.

Energy Convertors 2022-23 Oakland Report

The 2022-23 Energy Convertors Report on Oakland public schools is available to download. We’re excited to share with you the findings from this year’s report. Student researchers focused on A-G course completion this year, and found significant gaps in Oakland student understanding of these courses a student is required to pass if they are going to gain admission to a UC or CSU school.  

Event tomorrow: FIA A-G Awards

Join FIA family leaders, students, and school representatives at BayTech (8251 Fontaine Street) on April 27 starting at 5 pm for a celebration of the Oakland public high schools where more than 80 percent of the African American and Latino students have their A-G requirements completed and are eligible to apply to UC and CSU schools.

A-G Convo with Myself #3: How does this impact outcomes now?

What are the real world consequences young people face when they graduate high school but are not eligible for college because they didn’t complete A-G courses? In partnership with State of Black Education Oakland (SoBEO), these A-G videos were built to highlight a major issue here in California for more than 20 years. While graduation…