Black Male Teachers Matter, Practical Steps to Get, Keep, and Develop a Precious Resource

“The actual achievement gap is the lack of achievement of the adults to teach our Black children.” – Sharif El- Mekki CEO Center for Black Educator Development

We had an incredible panel, with gems of knowledge and practical resources for Black teachers themselves, aspiring teachers as well as schools and districts that want to take concrete action.

Join the esteemed Dr. Travis Bristol (UC Berkeley), Sharif El Mekki (CEO, The Center for Black Educator Development), Jason Terrell (ED, Profound Gentlemen), Coron Brinson (The Black Teacher Project) and Dirk Tillotson, to look at the research and effective practices for increasing the number of Black male teachers. We will hear from experts, take questions, and give some practical steps for supporting Black teachers.

Check out the video and here from the experts on the research (which is conclusive) the effective practices for increasing the numbers and quality of Black male teachers as well as get some very practical resources. Please watch, share and act.

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