MicroCollege info sessions from the Oakland NAACP

April 12–16, 2021 — MicroCollege.info/NAACP

Message from Kareem Weaver, The Oakland NAACP, Education Committee:

Alexis had a 1.8 GPA and was in continuation school. Now he’s at SF State, doing well as a Microbiology major. Dialo was homeless, another student was ineligible for aid because of their status. The stories are clear and compelling.

We know that only 13% of students earn credit in a reading or math class in traditional junior college. So the community has brought the MicroCollege program to Oakland as an option for students to consider. And their mastery learning model allows students to overcome the learning gaps that have been created due to Covid. This program quadruples the graduation rate for college attendees and goes after our most vulnerable kids.

This video (made by the NAACP) is raw and unrefined, let’s the young people tell their own stories.

Currently, some HS counselors have concerns about newness, financing, as well as the importance of supporting the local JC system. Well, parents and students have a right to information as they make decisions.

Please make sure the young people in your constituency have access to this information. Info sessions held this week, each day at:

For direct contacts:

Dr. Juanita Reynolds: [email protected]

Dr Allie Whitehurst: [email protected]

Alana Smith: [email protected]

You have a week to take matters into your own hand to ensure your young people and their families have access to information.

Spread the word.


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