Black Every Month: SoBEO June Newsletter

Juneteenth is different this year. A pivotal moment in US history, yet so often overlooked, is now a national holiday. Here in Oakland, we have a brand new Black Panther Party museum opening on Juneteenth, right where the life of the legendary Huey P. Newton was taken. But don’t get it twisted. Juneteenth did not free us. Freedom, then as now is never given by the oppressor it is seized by the oppressed with ever shifting front lines established through continuing struggle and resistance. We’re still fighting for that freedom: 18% of Black kids in Oakland unified read on grade level and 72% of White students do.    

In this issue:

  • The Real Lesson We Should Take from Juneteenth
  • Museum Honoring the Black Panther Party Will Debut on Juneteenth
  • Problem: Black Students A-G completion
  • Arvella Hayden Says Goodbye After 57 years in the Classroom

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