How AIMS College Prep High School is Raising the Bar, from a Student’s Perspective

As part of our coverage on how schools in Oakland that are Raising the Bar, today we are showcasing AIMS College Prep High School, who will be receiving the following accolades and more at tonight’s Raising the Bar Awards:

  • 80% A-G Completion Rate for Black Students
  • 80% A-G Completion Rate for Latino Students
  • Meeting the ELA California Standard for Black Students
  • ELA Double-Digit Gain for Black Students at 31%
  • Math Double-Digit Gain for Black and Latino Students at 17% and 18% respectively

Esperanza Oden, a student there, has quite a bit to say about how her school has raised the bar. 

Check out her interview here:

Join us tonight for the Raise the Bar Awards, taking place TODAY at 6:00 PM at Learning Without Limits School at 2035 40th Ave in Oakland!  Join us live in person for dinner, or join the event virtually on our Facebook or X (Twitter) accounts, or those at FIA’s Facebook or YouTube if you are out of town! 

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