It’s Almost Raising the Bar Week: Join Us on Thursday, March 28th!

One of Dirk’s lasting legacies when he created Great School Voices has been that reliable, true data on schools, especially student-based proficiency data, can tell the tale of whether real progress is happening in schools and the communities in which they reside.

When communities and educators use that data to inform their practice, develop policy proposals, and work collaboratively en masse, that is where change happens. FIA Oakland, which Dirk also helped found, is the fulcrum of this work. With their relentless focus on unleashing parent, youth, educator, and board member agency to assure that every school seat is high-quality, Oakland is raising the bar of expectations in all of its schools. 

This year, nearly 40 Oakland public schools – district and charter alike – have raised the bar in ways where:

  • Over 80% of Black and Latino students are completing their A-G Requirements
  • K-8 schools have shown monumental growth and continue to meet standards in Math and Reading Proficiency among their students
  • A bevy of schools have committed to Raising the Bar by raising the A-G and/or Math and Reading Proficiency rates by 20% or more

On Thursday, March 28, at 6 PM, we will celebrate those schools at Learning Without Limits School Multipurpose Room at 2045 40th Avenue in Oakland. Dinner will be provided! We invite you, our Great School Voices reader, to join us. The event will also be live-streamed on our and FIA’s social media channels if you aren’t in town.

Over the next few days and the rest of the school year, we’ll also be featuring some of those schools that have Raised The Bar, so stay tuned!

At this year’s Raise the Bar Awards, there will be a very important surprise announcement. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how data and commitment can transform school communities. You can also RSVP today through the QR Code or at this link to reserve your seat for an unforgettable evening of celebration and call to action!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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