A Second Chance for a Life Changing Trip; Helping Albert Get Back to Africa

Last year we planned a trip to South Africa, it started amazing but ended early when thousands of dollars were stolen.  Football teaches you that you need to get up when you are knocked down, so we are planning the trip again, and this time we will get it right and I need your help.

A Chance to Discover Truth Within My African History

This trip to Africa is very important to me because it will allow me to discover truth within my African history. Instead of learning about the continent through books and articles, I have a chance to travel there on my own, conversate with people and gather more information in person.

I hope to gain an experience that will change my perspective on everything. I want to be able to understand what it’s like to have absolutely nothing as well as stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. Though I feel that I am living in poverty, I know that a lot of children in Africa are living much worse.

I am fundraising to go back and learn more and have the resources to do so, however, the children that I met in Africa will have a harder time getting half of the money that I’ve raised to go on the trip because they lack the financial resources that people in America have.

A Dream Stolen

While our trip was cut short, I will never forget the time I had in South Africa.  In fact, last year, I was able to interact with Que Que kids. They were very loving and heart-warming, but they didn’t have much. We paid for their hostel room and for them to go to events with us. However, we lost thousands of our dollars which forced the kids to go home. They were very upset and so were we. Someone stole our money making it difficult for us to enjoy our time in Africa.

This time will be different, we will raise enough money to cover all expenses early and stash some money in a savings account. Furthermore, you can help me fundraise money by donating to one of the links below and share it as well!

It takes a village and I hope my Oakland                                                                                                                           family and beyond can help me out here

Thank you

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