How the System and Its Tolerance for Institutional Racism Squelches Black Genius- A Sad Day for Mr Bey

One of Oakland’s brightest young teachers got their pink slip today.  He shared the video here.  Another Black teacher dismissed from a system that says it values them, but doesn’t.  And the reason given was that the “Vice principal has a problem with teachers of color.”

This one hurt, I had been to his class multiple times, saw the love and the impact, and had carried some powerful tribute pieces—one from a student, More than a Teacher a Game Changer

By the end of the first month of school, everyone was in love with him. He’s dynamic. The way he cares about every single one of his students is amazing.

And also his response and the drive to recognize and cultivate his geniuses.

 I strive heavily to apply this mindset behind my daily interactions with every one of my students. Each one is a genius in their own way and deserve to be treated as such.

And I saw that genius at work.

“The vice principal has a problem with teachers of color”

Now he is gone, and barred from teaching in the district.  He got his pink slip May 23rd, when he was supposed to get it in March.  And when he asked his principal, at first she said she didn’t know anything about it—then came the bombshell at the next meeting.  He was fired because the vice principal “has a problem with teachers of color.”

You can see Mr. Bey’s testimony here.  Why was he fired again?  In the words of the principal—it was to protect a racist vice principal—now that’s some shit.

According to Mr. Bey, the principal said, “I know the vice principal has a problem with teachers of color, I do not think you should have to deal with that pressure, so I recommend you don’t come back here until she leaves.”

So now we appease racists in the schools rather than confront them, in the words of Mr. Bey, we need to “turn the fuck up” rather than make room for these people.  And if you check out the comments on youtube below the video—this is not an isolated instance

Not sure what the next steps are Mr. Bey, but you got plenty of folks who will walk them with you.

What do you think?

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