The Latest Test Results for OUSD; Huge Gaps, Little Progress

While protesters try to shut down the school board, and some school board members micromanage around pet issues and pet peeves, Black and Brown kids are failing and being failed. In OUSD, 11.7% of Black children are on grade level in math, 18.6% can read.  For Latinx children, the numbers are 16.5% in math and 23.8% in reading.  For White students 72.5% are on grade level in reading and 65.3% in math.  White students actually showed higher growth over the last 5 years than Black or Latinx students. 

The already yawning achievement gap has widened.

Who is being served by the system and who is being prepped to be servants?

Check the math and check the graphs from edsource.  A couple of the key ones are below.

Black and Latinx kids are way behind their White and Asian peers, and growth is basically flat. Further, like I said those gaps have actually widened over the last 5 years, and Black and Latinx kids went backwards last year in all areas except for Latinx children in reading.  

The results arre similarly discouraging when we look at ethnicity.

16% of Pacific Islanders are on grade level in English , and 16.7% of Native students are.  In math 12% of Pacific Islanders are on grade level and it’s 12.8% for Native students.  These numbers are not new, and neither are the problems and disparities in the district, or those who would fight to maintain the status quo.

All that said, the numbers tell a different story. They call for radical changes in how we do business and they demand different answers in terms of what we do, but also who we do it for.

What do you think?

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