Choosing the Best Oakland Public School For Your Child– What Families NEED to Do NOW

A guest blog- from Team Oakland Enrolls

Though it may still feel relatively early in the school year, we’re officially in the thick of the Oakland public school application season for next school year. We at Oakland Enrolls aim to empower Oakland families to make informed choices about their public school options and make the process of selecting and enrolling in a public school easy, efficient, and equitable.

As Oakland public school parents, you have the power to decide which school is best for your child, and apply to that school(s). Applications for the 2020-2021 school year opened up last month. The deadline to submit applications for both district and charter schools is February 7, 2020. Applying on time, and to multiple schools, gives your child the best chance of getting an offer from a school of your choice.

Below you’ll find four tips to navigating the application process so you can find the best public school for your child.

1. Learn all you can about the application process. Oakland Enrolls and OUSD have worked together over the past few years to simplify the application process. In addition to bringing the district and charter applications online, we now have the same application due dates for district and charter schools. Together, we also launched an online tool where families can explore and compare their school options and created a video that walks you through the steps to enrollment (also available in Spanish).

2. Explore which schools are best for your child and family. There are so many things to consider when choosing a school. Oakland School Finder can help you navigate and narrow down your options based on offerings like language immersion, STEM education, and much more. You can also use Oakland School Finder to learn more about how different schools measure up academically and in areas like school culture and climate.

3. Go on school tours and ask lots of questions. Visiting your potential schools in person, checking out the classrooms, meeting the principal and teachers, and seeing the campus will go a long way in helping you make your final decision about where to apply. Take the time to tour at least a few schools, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Oakland Enrolls has developed a calendar where we compile information on district and charter school tours, events, and information sessions.

4. Don’t forget to apply by February 7, 2020! You can access district and charter applications at Oakland School Finder. Remember, applying to multiple schools, on time, gives you the best chance at getting into the school of your choice. You’ll need to fill out a separate application for district and charter schools. We know this process can feel overwhelming, but we at Oakland Enrolls are standing by to support, with interpreters who can walk you through the application and answer your questions in multiple languages! Call or text us at 510-454-9360 and happy exploring!

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