Access Denied Ep. 5: How We Make #InternetForAll a Real Thing (ft. Chris Lewis of Public Knowledge)

As a country, we were able to bring phone lines, electricity, and running water to households across America no matter how rural, far apart, or congested homes may be. We did it once, and we must do it again for internet connectivity. 

In our modern times, the internet is necessary for basic living. We rely on internet access for vital information, life saving connectivity to our doctors, find jobs, and to go to school. Internet must be seen as a public utility and not a privilege. Just last month, a Michigan teen was arrested for not completing online homework assignments. Unreliable internet access can not and should not be a barrier to education. 

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This week, we spoke with Chris Lewis, President and CEO at Public Knowledge. Previously, Chris served as the Deputy Director at the FCC Office of Legislative Affairs, and is a former U.S. Senate staffer for the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, with over 18 years of political organizing and advocacy experience. Click here to read more about Chris Lewis. 

Chris Lewis’ work at Public Knowledge is reminding us of the #DigitalDivide and the need for #DigitalInclusion for all, including Tribal families. 

Chris Lewis continued and discussed how building reliable internet access for all is a real possibility that relies on the Federal government to enforce it. However, we must have the public call on and push the FCC, Congress and our presidential candidates to identify reliable internet access as a public utility. Only through public pressure can we make change occur.

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