California’s Radical Math Curriculum, Make Math Great Again

From a concerned CITIZEN

I stand with the silent majority, 56%, of Americans that reject the radical Californian math curriculum that is force feeding our children propaganda in the form of Arabic numerals. 

That’s 56%, 5…6, 56.  That’s a lot 56.

I have also heard that some middle schools and most high schools have been teaching the radical ideas in the kitaub al jabr.  A foreign text from over a thousand years ago.  From Iraq, no less.

Seriously where will this end.  Next they will have us devoting hours of time teaching the language of a former overlord. 

We need to teach American Math AND the American language, why do we spend so much time teaching foreign languages and there is no class for “American?”

We need to demand that our school boards ban all use and teaching of Arabic numerals as well as the radical teachings of the kitaub al jabr, let’s make math great again.  Let’s make math American again.

Please reach out to your representatives and demand they make math great again, that is what this country really needs.

What do you think?

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