Celebrating OUSD’s Linked Learning Summer Student Engagement

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September 16, 2020
Castlemont Sophomore,SUDA PathwayCareer Technical Education and Internships
Summer 2020 was not like other summers. Shelter-in-place remained throughout Alameda County, businesses slowly reopened after weeks of being shuttered, and students were not able to enjoy many of the typical summer freedoms.
Despite the limitations, nearly 550 high school students participated in paid career exploration through CTE and Counseling at Laney and Merritt, in-person and virtual internships, and supported employment this summer. Over 100 students received customized supply kits assembled and delivered by the Linked Learning team to make the virtual internships more hands-on.Live InternshipsOUSD’s Linked Learning and Legal teams collaborated to allow a few dozen in-person internships this summer. Students interested in learning about careers in Skilled Trades and Culinary had the opportunity to do so in-person, wearing masks of course. CTE @ Laney and Merritt CollegesNearly 200 students participated in CTE and career exploration classes this summer. Students took career planning  courses for college credit in the morning and then participated in CTE workshops in the afternoon. Students learned CTE skills in Engineering, Costmetology, Culinary, Computer Science, and more!The Power of PartnershipStudent internships require deep partnership. When we went into Shelter-in-Place, we thought our cornerstone summer program might be canceled. Thanks to partnerships with local industry, employers and Career Technical Education programs in the Peralta Community College District, students stayed connected and future-focused! We want to acknowledge the following partners: Laney and Merritt College’s CTE and Counseling Departments, EBMUD, Cypress Mandela, HEAL @ Highland Hospital, Center for Youth Development Through Law, Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment; Fairyland; Oakland Public Library, Museum of Children’s Art, Harbor House, Root and Rebound Legal Services, Children’s Fairyland, Alameda County Healthcare Services Agency, Civic Design Studio, OUSD Food Systems. Want to learn about OUSD’s Linked Learning Summer Internships Pre-Covid?
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