Youth Activism Through Art

FIA + OSA Voting Poster Contest

Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) visual arts students and educators partnered with FIA on a voting poster contest. There are many ways to show leadership and make an impact in the 2020 election, even if you’re not eligible to vote! These talented young activists are making their voices heard through their art.

You’ll find all 33 excellent submissions below, including the top three, two honorable mentions and a special prize.

1st Place
Nicole Mendoza
, 11th Grade
“Vote (Mask Up)”
Digital Drawing

2nd Place
Jessica Wong
, 11th Grade
“Your Vote is Your Voice”
Digital Collage

3rd Place
Vincent Truong
, 12th Grade
“Vote-Don’t Stay Silent”
Digital Drawing

Honorable Mention:
Brandon Waugh, 11th Grade
“You Have A Voice — Vote”
Mixed Media and Digital

Honorable Mention
Kirsten Tiu
, 11th Grade
“Vote for Front Line Workers”
Digital Drawing

Special Prize
Khoa Sands
, 11th grade
“Don’t Vote, We Don’t Mind”
Pen & Ink, and Digital

Other student submissions

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