Alameda County Superintendent of Schools L. K. Monroe released this statement today in her role as president of the California County

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March 1, 2021Statement from Alameda County Superintendent of Schools L. K. Monroe on Governor and Legislature’s School Reopening Plan Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA), which represents the state’s 58 county superintendents of schools.Today, the Legislature amended Senate Bill 86 and Assembly Bill 86 to reflect an agreement with Governor Gavin Newsom to safely reopen schools.

“The Governor and Legislature’s plan delivers the resources we need to teach more students in-person, while removing barriers that have previously slowed that process,” according to L. K. Monroe, the president of the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) and the Alameda County Superintendent of Schools. 

“The plan prioritizes our state’s most vulnerable students, bringing them one-step closer to safely returning to the learning communities entrusted with their care.

“Perhaps most critical, this plan bolsters the momentum towards reopening that we are experiencing across the state. Educator vaccinations are ramping up. Falling case rates are pushing counties into less-restrictive tiers. School districts are implementing the reopening plans they have spent months preparing. Communities and families are ready for this next step on the path to returning students and staff to classrooms.”

CCSESA represents the state’s 58 county superintendents of schools.
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