Struggling with Access? 29 Million Families Are Eligible for Free Broadband NOW and Haven’t Applied for the Benefits, Short and Long Term Answers to the Digital Divide And More in Our Latest Podcast

When Covid hit, 16 million children couldn’t adequately access virtual schooling.  The number is now at 12 million, we need to get it to zero.  This is 100% doable.  And there are some current programs like the Emergency Broadband Benefit, which pays $50-75 per month for broadband, and is only being used by 15% of the eligible applicants.

You can hear about the variety of programs for families through the feds, schools, libraries and others in our latest podcast, as we speak to the National Digital Inclusion Alliance and Schools, Health, and Libraries Broadband Coalition about the variety of programs and supports for families, starting around 20 minutes in, please watch and share with anyone who needs these resources and please join us, 12 million unconnected children still need you.

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Here’s the outreach toolkit on EBB

To help promote the Emergency Broadband Benefit as a tool for the coming school year, the FCC has added new back-to-school themed materials to the EBB Outreach Toolkit.  New materials include school posters, bookmarks, handouts and Pell Grant and school lunch and breakfast program specific flyers. Additional social media posts and images have also been added. 

We hope that universities and K-12 schools will use these items to notify their communities about this important program designed to help eligible households get, or stay, connected. 

The new materials are available in English and in Spanish. They also include Tribal specific flyers to promote the increased monthly benefit available to eligible households on qualifying Tribal lands. If you have questions about any of the materials please contact [email protected]

The Emergency Broadband Benefit program allows eligible households to enroll through an approved provider or by visiting To learn more about the program or to become a partner visit

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