An Ode to the Patron Saint of Insanity and Visions of Equality

Lionel Dixon, in custody at Santa Rita Jail, read a report about the murder of our own Dirk Tillotson. His advocate shared with us a poem he wrote to honor Dirk.

The world lost a patron saint to insanity
A man with a vision and dreams of equality
He fought for unfortunate students of poverty

Let us honor his life that was based on dignity
The “Great School Choices”, it voices success
The advocate Dirk Tillotson was one of the best

A man that would help when there’s others that won’t
A man that would care when there’s others that don’t
He lived with a passion for fair education
Let his death be a lesson that uplifts the nation

To need better
Is to lead better

Rest in peace Dirk Tillotson

One love

—Lionel Dixon

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