How do you choose the right major?

This is a guest post from an Energy Convertor student fellow in Oakland. Click here to read the entire piece.

By: Qianru Lin

Research indicates that between 20 and 50 percent of incoming college students are unsure of their chosen profession, and between 50 and 75 percent of undergraduate students switch majors at least once during their time in college. These are startling statistics.

Students who have their major chosen can be more focused. While many students are unsure of their major or field of study after high school, this is not a topic that is often discussed in schools. For myself, I think that without the proper direction of a major chosen and a career to attain, I will feel nervous and perplexed about my future. I need a goal to aim for. I don’t want to be confused when I step into college. I want to devote myself to my major wholeheartedly. If I don’t have a goal to work toward I feel uneasy and confused. I do have some majors I’m considering right now, but I don’t know which one I should focus on and which one will be more fitting.

I have some ideas about possible solutions, some reasons why they may not work, and a final recommendation.

What do you think?

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