South Star Classroom Podcast Episode 116: The High School Credit System: Its Origins, use in today’s high schools and college admissions and the question of its continued relevance 

On today’s episode, the group talks about the Carnegie Unit System: what it is and how it became the basis for high school credit and graduation in every American high school. Is the current credit system still relevant and the best method for assessing a student learning and preparedness for work and post secondary success? What are some alternatives to the credit system both hypothetical and that currently exist?

South Star Classroom Episode 113: Is national immigration policy pitting Black and Brown against each other?

A reason we have this podcast is to have these kind of in-depth discussions. This week, the conversation stems from recent news in Chicago about neighbors rallying against the city’s plans to turn a northwest side field house into a migrant shelter.

South Star Classroom Episode #110: Hip-Hop 50 & its impact on education for Black & Brown students

What impact has Hip-Hop had on Black and Brown students’ academic achievement and motivation over the past 50 years? How can Hip-Hop be used to engage and connect with students who may feel disconnected or disengaged from traditional educational approaches? Tune in for a lively discussion around these topics and more with the latest episode of the South Star Classroom podcast.